Age Group: 2 ½ to 3 ½ years

Duration: 2 ½ hours per day

In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in a fun filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science and arts.


Age Group:
Junior KG: 3 ½ years to 4 ½ years
Senior KG: 4 ½ years to 5 ½ years

Duration: 3 ½ hours per day

In addition to age-appropriate activities in Kindergarten, which prepares a child for succes in formal school, various other activities are conducted in a planned manner in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge, music and art.

Through these activities, children learn the alphabet, phonics, numbers and simple mathematics and master yearly writing skills further more each child's development is measured thrice in a year through well designed assessments. Our assessments are designed to motivate a child in exhibiting his/her unique potential so as to identify the creativity and the hidden innate inteligence and talent of the child rather than to highlight their shortcomings.

Enrichment Activities

Age Group: 3 ½ years to 12 years

Duration: 2 ½ hours

The following activities are performed "Art, Dance, Music, Abacus etc."

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